Sealing / Color Staining & More

Grout Color Staining

Color sealing your grout goes a step beyond clear sealing. It not only protects the pores of the grout it leaves a new topical coating on top so that the grout is impervious to surface stains. Color sealing also makes your grout look new again. Years of staining and using the wrong cleaning products can leave your grout splotchy and ugly even after it’s cleaned. Once the pigmentation is gone from the grout it cannot be cleaned back to its original appearance. By adding the topical coating on top of the grout in any color you choose, the surface is renewed to a like new appearance. The results can be dramatic. Why replace your grout and endure the dusty mess when you can have new looking grout in one day?

Sealing Grout & Natural Stones

After your surface is cleaned it’s a good idea to also seal the grout on porcelain and ceramic and also seal many natural stone tiles. We can conduct a test to determine if your stone should be sealed and we’ll be happy to explain just how we make that determination. Clear sealing grout provides you with more time to clean up the spill before it becomes a stain. The sealer fills the microscopic pores of the grout so that the spill can’t actually enter the grout pores. It’s a little like trying to add more water to a full glass. You can splash it on the surface but it doesn’t go beneath because it’s already full.

Tile Repair & Regrout

We can also do minor grout repair and replacement on your surfaces. Sometimes small amounts of grout will break out or crack leaving unsightly spots on your floors or walls. We can remove the damaged grout and replace it with new grout then color seal the entire surface for a perfect match.

Topical Coatings Removal & Application

Many surfaces have topical coatings applied that need maintenance and replacement. Penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate into the stone or grout while topical coatings are designed to be applied to the surface of the tile. While we certainly don’t recommend this for ceramic and porcelain tile, there are a variety of other surfaces that benefit from this process. We can remove old coatings and reapply new ones or simply return your tile to its natural Look. Just ask us how this service could benefit your surfaces.